Reserve your spot for $29!

As a beta customer, you pay $29 each month you have the Coprata toilet - a toilet lease. Your Coprata beta is expected to last 3-6 months. We come to you and install the Coprata toilet for free. We re-install your toilet after the beta is over for free. It is that simple. All you pay for is the data.

Our team will reach out to share more details about the Coprata toilet, installation timeline and unique data you will receive once you have made the deposit and its your turn in line!

If you aren’t ready for your Coprata when it’s your turn, we will fully refund your deposit - no questions asked!

Have questions? Reach out to our team at

About the Beta - Full Transparency

You’ve probably never been offered a chance to be a part of a beta like that of Coprata! We want the process to be clear and easy.

How does this work?
  • When it’s your turn on the beta waitlist, we will reach out and schedule an install window.
  • Our Coprata team will come to you to make the install. This should take ~90 minutes.
  • The beta phase will run 3-6 months after which we will re-install your toilet. All toilet installation and re-installation processes are free and handled by the Coprata team!
During the beta, you will receive your personalized gut health data + the actionable feedback while you use the Coprata.
How much does it cost?
  • A beta user is required to pay $29 per month while the toilet is installed.
Other FAQs
  • Toilet Removals: If you aren’t enjoying your experience, we will have the toilet removed and a new one installed within a week.

    Locations: We are focused on the U.S Lower 48 with the beta rollout.

    Multiple Users: We've got that handled. At any point in time, a Coprata toilet can be used as a normal toilet. It is a totally opt-in system of analysis. If you are looking to have multiple people enrolled in the beta in one house - no problem! Each person will be required to pay the $29 per month fee.

    Technology: The technology is all in the pipes of the toilet. Don't worry about seeing anything in the toilet bowl. It looks just like any other toilet bowl. Additionally, data security and privacy is a priority for the company as we move forward.

    Timeline: We are targeting our first beta installs within six months.

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