The Coprata experience is made possible with our patent-protected toilet technology, invented by a team of renowned experts in waste and diagnostics.

The best part: it looks and flushes just like a conventional toilet. No one has to know it's smart but you.

Elegant engineering separates solid waste (stool) from urine and water. During this temporary isolation, imaging and sample collection of the solid waste takes place discreetly. Then, with a regular flush, everything is back to normal.

The toilet seat with embedded sensors and analytics can detect straining and provide actionable feedback to prevent issues that are common in constipation. Seats will be available as a stand-alone technology, separate from the toilet.

Improved Therapeutic Management

Your provider can make improved decisions based on stool data that is timely and accurate

Hands-free Stool Sample Collection

Convenience and dignity with no manual stool sampling

Personalized Insights

Objective data on toileting habits inform behavioral nudges to reduce problematic behavior

Groundbreaking capabilities
Microbiome. Cancer. Crohn's and Colitis.

Morphological stool data was the first step of Coprata’s advanced stool analysis. The Sampling Toilet introduces the groundbreaking capability of automated hands-free collection of stool specimen, where stool is produced, eliminating the need of any physical, visual, or olfactory interaction.

The current gold standard is manual self-collection, which is considered unpleasant by most people and results in reluctance to repeated measurements. The Coprata solution offers unprecedented access to a specimen, facilitating frequent and long-term measurement of fecal biomarkers, instead of single snapshot test.

Fecal biomarkers (gut microbiome, inflammatory proteins, and others) hold promise for the prediction of disease risk and response to therapy in illnesses such as chronic digestive diseases, cancers, and infections.

The Sampling Toilet will enable new types of clinical research and the development of novel approaches to proactive health. Established stool biomarkers include occult (hidden) blood detected by the Fecal Immunochemical Test (FIT), a non-invasive screening for colon cancer, and the inflammatory protein calprotectin, whose rising values predict flare-ups in Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis. Many more biomarkers are to be discovered.

The Coprata Sampling Toilet paves the way for new medical research and discovery and represents a convenient tool to monitor specific early warning of disease and to track the effectiveness of therapies.

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Our Evidence

Scientific publications and presentations

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Laurie Keefer, PhD
GI Health Psychologist and Professor of Medicine at Mt. Sinai, Rome Foundation Board Member
William Chey, MD
Chief, Division of Gastroenterology, Michigan Medicine and Senior Director at GI on Demand
Jose Ruiz, MD, MPH
Advanced & Therapeutic Endoscopy Gastro Health at Baptist Hospital, Miami