May 18, 2024

Results are in! Our sensor-equipped Smart Toilet with the capability to automatically track stool appearance and bowel habit patterns was piloted inthree private homes and used by four individuals.

The Coprata Smart Toilet was used for between 2 to 6 months, illustrating the convenience of operation. Coprata analyzed the data in collaboration with GI experts at the University of Michigan and our advisor Dr. Sameer Berry  and our results were accepted for presentation at Digestive Disease Week 2024, the leading US gastroenterology conference  “Novel Automated Smart Toilet Allows Objective Longitudinal Assessment of Bowel Movements -Preliminary, Home-Based, Experience”.  In the picture Sonia Grego, Coprata and Borko Nojkov, U. Michigan.

This pilot study demonstrated that our technology is a powerful tool that can enable clinicians to more objectively measure bowel habit characteristics. Our next pilot focused on our Smart Toilet Seat will launch in summer 2024.  Stay tuned!

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