A Milestone for Coprata

May 9, 2023

A milestone for Coprata: first podium presentation at the leading digestive diseases conference DDW2023 on May 9, 2023. We presented on the Smart Sampling Toilet as a new automate system for collecting fecal calprotectin samples.

Fecal calprotectin (FCP) is a non-invasive surrogate marker of mucosal inflammation frequently used to guide in treatment decisions in inflammatory bowel disease. However, the process for stool sample collection is cumbersome and many patients strongly dislike it. Automated hands-free stool collection would increase adherence to regular monitoring. In collaboration with University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Duke University, we conducted a study on the feasibility of FCP quantitative measurements from the Sampling Toilet. Clinical stool specimens were obtained with FCP values ranging from healthy levels to inflammation levels.  FCP was measured by the analytical method ELISA. The analytical results obtained from the specimen obtained with Sampling Toilet method were statistically comparable with standard methods.

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May 18, 2024

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